For investors

Support for starting a business in Ukraine

To start a business in Ukraine is not much more difficult than in any other country.
To successfully start a business you need to be sufficiently informed of the conditions of reference in the country, the market and main competitors.
Bureau of Investigation and business security will render informational support in the study of issue of starting a business in Ukraine, the situation on the market, will estimate possible risks of the project starts and provide necessary information on request.

If you are starting a new business – we are ready to provide consultative and actual help and support for the start of your business in Ukraine, to take responsibility for the safety of the project.


Due Diligence Investigations

Verification of financial history of the business and search for possible risks of investing and buying a business. Revealing the hidden problems in the previous financial and economic activities, which may adversely affect on the successful operation and development of the business.


Information support

To study the market and its key players, trends and characteristics of a particular type of business in Ukraine Bureau of Investigation and business security will provide the necessary information to help in preparation of business plans, calculations of investment projects.