About us

Bureau of Investigation and business security Ltd.
Created in 2009 in Kiev

Our experts have more than 10 years of experience in the security business, possess the necessary modern knowledge and use the most effective instruments in their professional activities.

Business owners and managers know that the security business, assets and personnel must be treated responsibly, so turn to expert assistance of our specialists.

Due to the high professional level, experience in building systems of security business in Ukraine, our clients – the owners of companies from various fields of activity, develop their business in the conditions of minimum risks, and are always ready to quickly overcome any difficulties.

“Bureau of Investigation and business security ” team is committed to continuous professional development, reflect the latest trends in the field of security, elaboration and implementation of individual, the most effective for a particular client, solutions of business security.

Trust of the customers and high estimation of our professionalism has proved accordance of “Bureau of Investigation and business security” to the European standards of services in business security.



In relations with customers, we strictly adhere to the principle of confidentiality.
Any information about the customer can not be disclosed, except if it is the desire of the client.