External security management

If creation of own security service in your company is not required, experts of Bureau of Investigation and business security in terms of outsourcing will establish and provide ongoing support security business without registration in the company.


Vulnerablity Assessment

In order to prevent loss and elimination of obstacles for development of your business we conduct comprehensive vulnerability analysis of your company, employees, processes that will allow to identify and eliminate the influence of negative factors.


Corporate investigations

With full confidentiality our experts corporate investigation of any complexity, with the involvement of relevant experts.
Where appropriate, we create an evidentiary framework for future reference in law enforcement, and represent the interests of the company during the official investigation.


Risk assessment

During business activity of the company constantly there are different risks such as property and reputational.
Our experts carry out the analysis of the company, the individual procedures and processes, identify various risks and develop solutions to minimize or prevent them.


Background checks

To prevent the risks associated with “human factor” or unscrupulous staff, we explore the potential of top managers and employees of your company, their track record, compliance with the law, their reputation, personal characteristics.


Verifying contractors

At the conclusion of the contract the risks of debt or poor performance of the contract are reduced, if the reputation and the possibility of contractor are confirmed by professional verification.



We offer the individual effective methods of combating fraud of top managers, employees, customers, and also investigation of fraud with the preparation of the conclusions of investigations and official appeals in law enforcement authorities.


Interviewing services

An experienced interviewer from the “Bureau of Investigation and business security,” owning methods of non-verbal determination of lie, will interview the applicant, the survey, interviews as part of corporate investigations and negotiations with partners. Possible transcript provided by the interviewee’s behavior videos.


Protection of intellectual property and brand

Search and investigate the appearance of counterfeit goods on the market, identifying and combating the illegal use of the trademark. Protection against unfair competition.


Representation in state regulatory bodies

Advice and representation in cooperation with state law enforcement and regulatory authorities of Ukraine.


Debt collection

Determination of the debtor’s solvency, exposure of his assets and property. Informative, negotiation, documentary, judicial accompaniment of process of penalty of debts.